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Dev Resources & Articles

My guide for rubber duck debugging. A better process (with no rubber ducks). [TRIPLEBYTE]

All front end Interview questions asked during my recent job hunt. Abhijeet Yadav shares the questions and resources. [DEV.TO]

WordPress 5.5 — easy overview. Here’s what you need to know about the latest update. [SEARCHENGINEJOURNAL]

Codewars. Improve your skills by training with others on real code challenges. [CODEWARS]

Why the C language will never stop you from making mistakes. This article explains why things that we can easily diagnose and identify as bad behaviour in standards-conforming ISO C will never go away. [THEPHD]

That coworker who never stops refactoring. We’ve all seen them. They drive the rest of the team crazy. How can we use them to our advantage? [CRITTER]

Why developers are falling in love with functional programming. Not only are languages like Java or Python adopting more and more concepts from functional programming. Newer languages like Haskell are going completely functional. [TOWARDSDATASCIENCE]

5 project management skills every developer should have. Project management doesn’t happen magically, and it would be foolish to assume that just because someone is a skilled developer they know how to manage a project. But familiarity with a few critical PM skills and requirements can go a long way. Here are five aspects of project management every developer should understand. [DEVOPS]

A guide to choose the right JavaScript framework for web programming. To determine the best framework to choose that best fits your web programming requirements,we take a closer look at the five best JavaScript frameworks. [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

Scale up deep learning in the cloud. Deep learning is typically a long and costly endeavour, especially when it comes to training models. There are many factors that impact the process, but processing power, in particular, can make or break your pipeline. Today, many developers leverage graphics processing units (GPUs). Learn how you can scale up deep learning in the cloud. [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup weighs in on distributed systems, type safety and Rust. “I get a little bit sad when I hear people talk about C++ as if they were back in the 1980s, the 1990s, which a lot of people do … They looked at it back in the dark ages, and they haven’t looked since.” [THENEWSTACK]

Our Free Resources

State of the Developer Nation 18th Edition — Q4 2019 — The report focuses on * six major themes * — each with its own visualisations, showing how the data lends insight into the developer community. [Developer Population Calculator ]

( https://www.developerpopulation.com/)- Have you ever wondered how many developers there are like you around the world? Now you can get an instant answer.

Infographic: Top programming language communities — Which programming languages the developer nation uses the most? Our data reveal which programming language communities are rising faster than others, which are dropping down the rankings, and which are the new additions to the club!

Industry News

React v17.0 release candidate: no new features. The React 17 release is unusual because it doesn’t add any new developer-facing features. Instead, this release is primarily focused on making it easier to upgrade React itself. React 17 is a “stepping stone” release that makes it safer to embed a tree managed by one version of React inside a tree managed by a different version of React. [REACTJS]

Emacs 27.1 released. Emacs 27.1 has a wide variety of new features, including built-in support for arbitrary-size integers, text shaping with HarfBuzz, Native support for JSON parsing, and more. [EMACS]

Facebook open-sources one of Instagram’s security tools. Facebook has formally launched today one of Instagram’s secret tools for finding and fixing bugs in the app’s vast Python codebase. In the first half of 2020, Pysa detected 44% of all security bugs in Instagram’s server-side Python code. [ZDNET]

Microsoft announces Visual Studio 2019 v16.7 and v16.8 Preview 1 releases. Included in the list of improvements are Git integration including a new merge editor and easy conflict resolution, WPF design-time data, C++ support for 64-bit projects and debug builds, and additional IntelliSense functionality. [DEVBLOGS.MICROSOFT]

Top features in Angular 10. In this post we will look at an overview of this latest version of Angular, v 10.0.0, and all the changes and deprecations that it shipped with. [TELERIK]

Go 1.15 is released. Some of the highlights include substantial improvements to the Go linker, improved allocation for small objects at high core counts, X.509 CommonName deprecation and more. [BLOG.GOLANG]

Boeing 747s still use floppy disks to get critical software updates. It’s been approximately 12 million years since most of us last used a floppy disk, but apparently, the antiquated tech still plays a critical role in delivering software updates to Boeing’s 747–400 planes. [GIZMODO]

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